Lionel Messi scored two goals for Inter Miami, leading them to a 4-0 victory over Charlotte FC.

Here are the other details of the quarter-finals of the League Cup played between Inter Miami and Charlotte FC on Wednesday, August 12, 2023:

Inter Miami took the lead in the match and achieved the score in 5 minutes. The ball that Christian Fox found in the penalty area went to Robbie Robinson. The referee awarded the penalty, Messi took the penalty and Inter Miami took the lead.


Inter Miami continued to dominate and create chances, but failed to take the lead at halftime. In the 32nd minute, Taylor scored a fantastic goal from outside the penalty area and finally scored. Messi passes the ball to Taylor, who touches the ball and shoots from below to the corner of the net.

Charlotte tried to return to the game in the second half, but they were unable to form a clear decision. Messi got the match out of control by scoring the second goal of the match in the 78th minute. He caught a stray ball in the penalty area and easily shot into the goal.


Malanda sealed the match by scoring an own goal in the 87th minute. Maranda bounced Messi’s center into the goal.

Messi was in form throughout the match and could easily have scored more goals. He creates many opportunities for his teammates and poses a threat to Charlotte’s defence.

The win takes Internacional to the UEFA Cup semi-finals where they will face Philadelphia Union.


  • Other details of the match:


Inter Miami’s Matias de los Santos was injured in the 7th minute and was substituted by Jean Motta.

In the 20th minute, Messi and Alba combined very well, creating opportunities for Inter Milan. Messi hit the ball from Alba, who passed Martinez, but Kalina saved the shot.

There is a water break at the 34th minute.

In the 44th minute, Charlotte had Bender equal opportunity, passing the ball to Swidski, but Callender saved the header.

In the 50th minute, Messi showed off his incredible dribbling skills by breaking through Charlotte’s three defenders and entering the penalty area.

He then fired a shot, but was knocked down by Kalina.

Inter Miami made a substitution in the 60th minute, with Leonardo Campana replacing Gonzalo Martinez.

Charlotte made a substitution at the 65th minute, replacing Camille Jozwiak with Sergio Ruiz.

At the 82nd minute, Inter Miami had a chance to widen the lead with Campana Gomez, but the shot was saved by Kalina.

In the 87th minute, Messi scored the third goal of the match, completing the defeat.

He caught a stray ball in the penalty area and easily shot into the goal.

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