Tow Company Employees Caught on Camera Selling Stolen Catalytic Converters

TDI Towing allegedly paid thieves at least $10,000 a night to bring stolen catalytic converters to tow trucks. Some nights, up to 30 transactions were made, and some robberies occurred more than once. In most cases, TDI Towing charged $1,000 for a converter. The DA said TDI pays an average of $300 per unit. This is said to have happened for three years, with an average of 175 catalytic converters coming to market each week.
Theft of catalytic converters has become a huge problem in recent years because the market value of the metal they contain has increased significantly. In November 2022, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland placed 32 search warrants and smashed a nationwide $100 million theft ring, leading to the arrest of 21 people. In February, both houses of Congress passed legislation to place identification numbers on catalytic converters and strengthen penalties and anti-theft laws.

DA said TDI Towing is there during the day but they will buy stolen electronics at night.
A video released by DA shows stolen catalytic converters still hot being shipped to the TDI. The city’s attorney said most of those accused in the case were employees or family relationships of TDI owner Michael Williams. One of TDI’s so-called “hackers”, a daytime TDI employee with “multiple permits” for stealing catalytic converters in Bucks County, always fled back to Philadelphia when police tried to stop him. Another TDI employee was convicted of stealing 22 catalytic converters, but never appeared in court.

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